SSRS 2016 - Treemap and Sunburst - New Shape Chart types

In SSRS 2016, two new Shape Chart types are included
i)  Treemap 
ii) Sunburst 

Tree Map and sunburst visualizations are great for visually representing hierarchal data.

We can add this new chart types like same way we add other charts.
Design -> Right-click on report body -> Insert -> Chart -> Shape -> Tree map / Sunburst.

Here it is cool and colorful..

Tree map:

  • A tree map chart divides the chart area into rectangles that represent the different levels and relative sizes of the data hierarchy.
  • Each rectangle is broken into smaller rectangles representing the next level in the hierarchy. 
  • The top level tree map rectangles are arranged with the largest rectangle in the upper left corner of the chart to the smallest rectangle in the lower right corner.


  • In a sunburst chart, the hierarchy is represented by a series of circles, with the highest level of the hierarchy in the center and lower levels of the hierarchy as rings displayed outside the center. 
  • The lowest level of the hierarchy is the outside ring.

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