Microsoft Azure - Move data from another computer to SQL Server instance on VM using SSIS

In this article, let us see on how to move data from another computer over internet to SQL Server instance on virtual machine using SSIS.

If you have no idea in creating and connecting to Azure SQL Server VM, Please refer below links :

In this post, let us also see on how to import JSON file on local computer to SQL Server on VM through this example.

I have a sample table structure like shown below on SQL Server VM :

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[JSON_Data_Tbl](
 [Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,

I have placed a sample JSON file on my local drive as shown below :

I have opened SSDT on my local computer and placed DataFlow task on Control Flow tab 

And then on Data Flow tab as shown below :

Below are respective task settings:

Right-click on Flat File Source -> Show Advanced Editor..

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