SQL Server 2017 - Graph tables

Native graph databases have risen in popularity, being used for social networks, transportation networks, logistics, and much more. Graph database scenarios can easily be found across several business disciplines, including supply chain management, computer or telecommunication networks, detecting fraud attacks, and recommendation engines.

SQL Server offers graph database capabilities to model many-to-many relationships, handle applications that has hierarchical data and when there is need to analyze interconnected data and relationships.

SQL Serve(R) visualization on SSRS

We all know, SQL Server R Services is one of the new feature introduced in the recent release of SQL Server. 

Below are the benefits of integrating the R language within SQL Server:

i)  keep analytics close to the data 
ii) eliminate the costs and security risks associated with data movement.

So it means, we can use the rich and powerful R language within SQL Server management studio (SSMS) to create models and generate predictions using your SQL Server data.