How to connect Azure SQL database through SSMS

To look into my previous posts on Microsoft Azure

In this post, let us see about connecting to Azure SQL database through SSMS.

To get server details, click on database name on your azure portal and refer as highlighted in below image:

If you try to connect using Windows authentication through SSMS, you will get into error as shown below:

Open SQL Server Management Studio and try like as shown below:

I have created login when I created Server, I have mentioned that as SQL Server authentication

If you try to Connect, you will encounter error as shown in below image:

On Azure portal - > click on SQL DATABASES - > SERVERS -> click on your server - > CONFIGURE -> add your machine IP address to allowed ip addresses and SAVE as shown below:

After adding IP, you will be able to connect successfully:

Other Microsoft sites with detailed information on connecting to Azure SQL database through SSMS:

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