U-SQL Basic Example

In my previous posts, I shared about basics and how to create Azure data lake analytics and data lake store.

In this post, let us see an basic example for U-SQL script - Selecting from values Table Value Constructor and save the output to Azure data lake store.

We can create and submit U-SQL scripts from Visual studio. While installing we need to select the Azure data lake and stream analytics tool or we can download it from here.

Create U-SQL Project as shown below:

Paste below sample script and submit:

@Q  = 
            ("Day", 1),
            ("Evening", 2),
            ("Night", 3),
        ) AS 
    TO "/myoutput/shift.csv"
    USING Outputters.Csv();

Job Result:

In the Azure Portal -> Azure data lake analytics -> Data Explorer, we can see the csv file created.


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