Azure active directory app registration for Data lake store authentication

In my previous post, I wrote about getting started with Azure data lake analytics and data lake store. In this post, let us see how to create authentication for data lake store using Azure active directory.

Azure Data Lake Store uses Azure Active Directory for authentication.
Two main options available for this are:
  • End-user authentication 
  • Service-to-service authentication 

In this post, let us see how to create service-to-service authentication.

From Azure portal, goto Azure Active Directory ->  App Registrations -> click on New application registration

Provide a unique name, select Application type as shown below and a dummy but valid URL

After creating the App, click on that to get the Application ID

Then click on App Registrations -> Endpoints -> to get OAUTH 2.0 TOKEN ENDPOINT

Click on the created App -> Settings -> Keys -> provide description & expiration detail and the click Save to get the Key value

Now goto Azure data lake store -> Data Explorer -> Access -> Add -> to add the above created Azure active directory app and provide the folder permissions

From Azure data lake store -> Firewall -> Allow access to Azure services


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