SSMS - Object Explorer - Edit top n rows

If you don't want to write UPDATE statements and you just want to manually modfiy few records in a table ,

 Under Object Explorer ->right click on Tables -> Edit Top 'N' rows

For example,I will copy values from AddressLine1 and paste it on AddressLine2 for AddressID = 1,
click on some other row and run this query on new window

SELECT * FROM [Person].[Address] WHERE Addressid = 1

you will notice modified value on AddressLine2 for AddressID = 1

To edit top 10,100,200 can adjust that settings

Tools - > Options - >SQL Server Object Explorer

After editing rows,like we copy the query resultsets,you can click on top row first column(0,0) copy & paste the results on excel sheet if you want to manually export modified records to excel.

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