SQL Server Reporting Services - DATAFILE(rdl.data)

After creating report in the Design tab and  we will usually move to Preview tab to view the report.

After viewing the report,if you goto project folder of the report,you will notice DATAFILE will be created each  time when the report is viewed with different input parameters.

DATAFILE will remain the same when the report is viewed with  same input parameter.

DATAFILE caches the data,so first time when report is executed,the data is rendered from the datasource and it is cached.
This is why we notice difference in report execution time between two consecutive runs for the same input parameter

If we dont want this default behaviour to happen and if we want to test the actual execution time of report on two consecutive runs for the same input parameter i.e.,making report to render data from data source each time instead of using cahed data,

goto the below path location :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\RSReportDesigner

Open RSReportDesigner.xml file and change
<Add Key="CacheDataForPreview" Value="true" />  to
<Add Key="CacheDataForPreview" Value="false" />
and then save it.

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Anonymous said...

This resolved the issue. thank you sooooo very much!