Import csv or text file into SQL Server table

In this post, let us see how to import csv or text file into SQL Server table. If you want to import some random files on adhoc basis then we can make use of Import Flat File Wizard from SQL Server Management Studio.

If the requirement is to do on regular basis or import multiple files simultaneously then we can do this using t-sql script that executes R script to read an csv or text file & load into SQL Server table.

In my previous post on SQL Server export adhoc SQL or table to CSV file, I have exported few csv files. I am going to make use of those three csv files for this example.

I have also created a database called "Staging" to load the csv files into different SQL tables created dynamically with csv filename as table name.

Below screenshot shows executing the below script imports the csv files as SQL Server tables under staging database.

    sqlConnString <- "Driver=SQL Server;Server=''LAPTOP-LCUB6HBB''; Database=Staging;Uid=sa;Pwd=***"

    list_filespath <- list.files(path = "H:/Temp/Blog/ImportExportExcel", pattern = "*.csv", all.files = FALSE,
           full.names = TRUE, recursive = TRUE,
  = FALSE, include.dirs = FALSE, no.. = TRUE)
    list_filenames <- list.files(path = "H:/Temp/Blog/ImportExportExcel", pattern = "*.csv", all.files = FALSE,
                        full.names = FALSE, recursive = TRUE,
               = FALSE, include.dirs = FALSE, no.. = TRUE)

  #Check file exists in path
    if (length(list_filespath) != 0) {

 foreach(m = 1:length(list_filespath)) %do%
  sqlTable <- strsplit(list_filenames[m],split = ".csv") 
  sqlTable <- gsub("\\s", "", sqlTable)
  sqlTable <- gsub("[^[:alnum:]]", "", sqlTable)

  Output <- read.csv(file=list_filespath[m], header=TRUE, sep=",")
  sqlDS <- RxSqlServerData(connectionString = sqlConnString,table = sqlTable)
  rxDataStep(inData = Output, outFile = sqlDS,overwrite = TRUE)


EXEC   sp_execute_external_script
      @language = N'R'

     ,@script = @RScript

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