How to upload files into Azure blob storage using SSIS

In this post, let us see how to upload files from local folder into Azure blob storage using SSIS.

In the SSIS Toolbox, we can see Azure component grayed out.

After downloading and installing Azure feature pack for SQL Server

We can see components related to Azure services in the SSIS toolbox

Drag & drop Azure Blob Upload Task into Control flow

To establish a connection to Azure blob storage account, provide storage account name, account key and endpoint domain accordingly.

We can get Blob account key from Azure portal -> Blob account -> keys or from Storage explorer

I have created container - mycontainer and files will be loaded into this, if there is no such container exists this task will create and load the files into it.

Mention the Source Local folder and as you can see in below image source filter will allow us to include / exclude certain files.


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