SSRS - How to make copy of RDL file

In some cases, we might need copy of RDL file, say .,

For example : you had completed developing your report and only alignment & formatting changes are pending and you don't want your final version of the report to be disturbed because of these changes .

Remember we do have the undo/redo option with CTRL+Z .

But still if you need to make a copy of RDL file, it is simple and easy

Under Solution Explorer (CTRL+ALT+L) - > Reports - > click  on the .rdl file - > CTRL C - > 
CTRL V - > you will get the copy of original .rdl file .

 Now you have two versions of the same report by making copy of final version of the original report , if you want to compare two versions of the same report . (To compare and find the differences ) .

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