All about XML in SQL Server

SQL Server handles two types of data

1.)Relational data
2.)XML data

I have covered almost all topics about handling XML in SQL Server and posted in my site.


      How to convert relational data to XML data ?

      answer :       use FOR XML clause

For more information about FOR XML clause, refer below link


How to traverse through XML document/fragment to fetch/modify attribute values or element nodes?

answer use XQUERY & XPATH

 How to shred XML data into columns of relational tables? 

 answer : use nodes() &  OPENXML

 How to validate structure & values of XML,each time when it is inserted/updated?


 How to improve the performance of querying XML data ?

  answer : use XML INDEX - primary & secondary index.

For more information about XQUERY,XPATH,XMLINDEX,XMLSCHEMA clause, refer below link

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