Sqlserver - suspect_pages Table

The suspect_pages table is used for maintaining information about suspect pages, and is relevant in helping to decide whether a restore is necessary. The suspect_pages table resides in the msdb database and was introduced in SQL Server 2005.
A page is considered "suspect" when the SQL Server Database Engine encounters one of the following errors when it tries to read a data page:
  • An 823 error that was caused by a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) issued by the operating system, such as a disk error (certain hardware errors)
  • An 824 error, such as a torn page (any logical error)
The page ID of every suspect page is recorded in the suspect_pages table. The Database Engine records any suspect pages encountered during regular processing, such as the following:
  • A query has to read a page.
  • During a DBCC CHECKDB operation.
  • During a backup operation.

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