SSRS - Stacked Column (bar) Chart

This article is about an example for creating  Stacked column chart .

Step 1: Create Data source and then create Dataset with below query :

--Sample data
DECLARE @SalaryByGrade TABLE (Grade VARCHAR(20),Quarters CHAR(2),Salary INT)
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Senior Manager','Q1',1000
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Senior Manager','Q2',1000
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Senior Manager','Q3',2000
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Manager','Q1',500
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Manager','Q2',500
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Manager','Q3',1000
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Programmer','Q1',200
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Programmer','Q2',200
INSERT @SalaryByGrade SELECT 'Programmer','Q3',200
SELECT * FROM @SalaryByGrade

Step 2 :
Drag&drop Chart from Toolbox or right-click on report body - > Insert - > Chart .
Add a Stacked Column chart :

 Step 3 :  Double - click on the chart area , you will notice Chart Data ,
 Under Chart Data for summation Values add Salary column from Dataset and
then for Category Groups add Quarters column from the Dataset and
for Series Groups add Grade column from the Dataset as shown in below image :

Click on Preview Pane :

To adjust the size of bars in the chart -

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