Temp tables in Azure sql database and Azure sql data warehouse

In this post, let us see about temporary tables in Azure SQL database and Azure SQL data warehouse.

Temp tables in Azure SQL database:

Global (DB scoped) & Local temporary tables are supported for Azure SQL Database and follow the same syntax and semantics that SQL Server uses.

Local temporary table (#table_name), 
Database scoped global temporary table (##table_name)

Azure data factory v2

Azure Data Factory visual tools enabled in public preview few days back. In this post, let us see how the look and feel is and whats new in ADF v2.

From Azure portal, while creating Azure data factory we need to select the version as v2, once created click on Author & Monitor.

In my previous post, I had shared an example to copy data from Azure blob to Azure cosmos DB using Copy data wizard.

How to concatenate values with specified delimiter

In SQL Server 2017, new function is introduced to concatenate values with specified delimiter

In SQL Server 2012, Concat() was introduced. Only difference between Concat() and Concat_WS(), Concat_WS() allows delimiter to be specified to concatenate values.

Both CONCAT & CONCAT_WS ignores the SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL {ON|OFF} setting as shown in below image.